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From the late 1940’s into the early 1980’s, massive quantities of copper were mined in Montana that was used as a key element in the most ferocious weapons system ever created. Throughout the upper Midwest, thousands of missiles with nuclear warheads were built and installed into silos, and aimed at our presumed enemies around the world.  Hundreds of miles of cable connected these missiles to U.S. military command, ready 24/7 to press a button and send us to nuclear Armageddon.

The U.S. still maintains a nuclear arsenal of 2,468 active warheads, with a further 7,000 “inactive” in reserve.  Russia has even more warheads poised to shatter the world with unimaginable violence. In addition, China, Great Britain, France, India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea each possess nuclear arsenals.

Subsequent to the disarmament process, the cabling connecting these missile silos was left in the soil of the American Midwest.  This cabling, made of copper, plastic and steel, was buried deep underground to keep it impervious to nuclear assault. The cabling itself is not radioactive and never has been.  Our company, From War to Peace, has mined much of this missile cabling from the soil, recycled the metals into their pure forms, and used the copper to create Peace Bronze™, an alternative precious metal with the power to change our world, one beer at a time.