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Q: Are Beers Not Bombs™ bottle openers safe?

A: Although Peace Bronze starts with the copper cabling that was once used to connect the silos of the fearsome U.S. nuclear missile system, it has no radioactive qualities whatsoever, and never has had. Peace Bronze and all items we make from it have been tested and guaranteed safe by three separate sources: first by the U.S. Government during the painstaking disarmament process; second, by the Iowa metal recyclers we use; and third, by our own lab, where we test all materials for trace radioactivity with Geiger counters.

Peace Bronze is not only safe---thanks to its 95 percent copper content, it offers the health-giving properties of that metal. As a growing number of studies have shown, copper reduces inflammation. Moreover, copper possesses anti-bacterial qualities.

Q: How much material from the nuclear missile system is ACTUALLY in the Peace Bronze?

A: The copper we use comes from missile sites in both South Dakota and Nebraska. The copper is recycled for us in Spencer, Iowa. Peace Bronze contains 95% of this copper. The remaining material is a mixture of Maganese and Silicon, which makes it a 'Silicon Bronze' alloy, also known as Everdur.

Q: Sales Tax?

A: Sales tax is added to all orders shipped to California. Sales tax is not charged on shipments to gift recipients outside California.

Q: Does Beers not Bombs guarantee their products?

A: At Beers not Bombs, we stand behind all of our special handmade jewelry or accessories, and gifts. To ensure your satisfaction, all of our products are carefully and thoroughly inspected before leaving our studio. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase upon arrival, please notify us immediately and we will do our best to make you happy!